KuduKudu Presents 010: Nalu & HANNA

KuduKudu Records, founded by Diamond Thug’s Danilo Queiros, are back with the heat at one of Cape Town’s finest music venues, The Raptor Room on Saturday 31st August 2019.

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Early bird tickets are available here.

KuduKudu is an Artist-Centric Independent Record Label operating out of Cape Town, South Africa. Their core focus is helping Independent South African Artists reach global audiences. For KuduKudu Presents 010, it’s the turn of two of Cape Town’s best with RnB & Soul Singer/Producer, Nalu, joined by Zimbabwean born rapper-singer Hanna. Lock in Saturday, 31 August!

With almost 10k views on YouTube of the lovers anthem of 2018, ‘’Bedtime Confessions’’, these two incredible Artists are not to be missed.

Their August party sees Kudukudu working alongside @shesaid.so and #inclusionbeforeprofit. They will be donating their share of the party’s profit to the campaign. You can learn more about the campaign and make contributions here.

Come give your ears and soul an experience they deserve.

Find out more about the event here.
Get your tickets here.

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