Listen to Dwson’s Stay True Sounds released debut album – Impulsiv

South Africa’s deep House wonder, Dwson, has finally released his debut album – Implusiv. The Stay True Sounds released album features South African House heavyweights such as Ziyon, Jackie Queens of Bae Electronica and progressive singer, Sio. The Cape Town born artist put his best foot forward for this release and does not shy away from experimentation he is known for. Sonically, Implusiv depicts the direction, style and progression of South African House music. The album is definitely a worthy export to the world.

If you’re familiar with his previous underground local Eps, remixes and hits like Luna & Lucy you’ll know that he keeps it very experimental, deep, tech and soulful and his debut album entitled ‘Impulsiv’ does all of the above! On this project, Dwson gets into studio to produce his first tracks with featured vocalists Ziyon, Sio and Jackie Queens, who help to add an entirely new dimension to his repertoire. – Stay True Sounds.


You can get the album in all major digital stores and if you want a physical copy, you can buy it at your nearest Musica store.

Stream Impulsive Spotify.

Stream Implusiv on Apple Music.

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