Make Me Feel: A Residency, An Incubator, A Movement Created To Offer Jozi’s Night Life Difference

South Africa’s city of gold, Jozi, is not short of a healthy amount of entertainment establishments as that offer experiences to its hardworking inhabitants. However, what the entertainment industry in Johannesburg lacks is diversity and platforms that nurture new talent and are inclusive.  Some patrons of this industry are not content with the old ways of the game, the red tape and its often unoriginal concepts that do not prioritize innovation. Broaden A New Sound, the team behind the event programming and curation at one of Johannesburg’s most important establishments, Kitchener’s Carvery Bar, alongside other platforms and organizations, is making a concerted effort to change the narrative by assuming an innovation-driven approach. This approach aims to create safe spaces for people of all creeds with a specific focus on the marginalized and the ignored when speaking of talent. This had led them to create event properties that address certain issues in the entertainment space such as the inclusion of women and queer artists, the creation of safe spaces and red tape that blocks the entry of new talent in the space.

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Image credit: Nino Ayanda

One such event property that was developed to nurture and incubate some of the city’s freshest up-and-coming talent is called Make Me Feel. This event was first introduce to the Kitchener’s events programme of on the 27th of December 2018 and it proved to be huge success with the DJs booked showing out and delivering spectacular performances. This success prompted the move of extending the event and making sure that it lives beyond December as it was converted into a residency. Nouveaux, Your Uncle Garry, Dzaddy Tee, Sis’ Madlisa, uMagezangobisi, Sunshine and Black were the DJs that were part of the residency and have improved quite impressively over a seven-month period. It unfortunately comes to an end on the 20th of July after succeeding far beyond expectations and has equipped all involved parties with learnings, skills and insight.

It is not all doom and gloom as a new residency is being developed to launch in August featuring some of Johannesburg’s dopest up-and-coming spinners.

image of make me feel
Come through to Kitchener’s Carvery bar on the 20th of July.

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Featured image: Nino Ayanda

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