Meet Enoch Mlangeni: A self-taught artist that uses the power of social media to share his talent with the world

Who is Enoch Mlangeni?
Enoch “EnnockMArt” Mlangeni is a 26 year-old artist based in Sasolburg, Zamdela. His journey in art started in grade 6 when he used to sketch a lot of characters from his favourite comics. After completing high school, he was met with an obstacle that prevented him from furthering his education and equipping himself with the necessary tools to advance his art. He  when he took it upon himself to research and teach himself all the different art techniques he can now implement in his painting and drawings. When he realised that collaborating with galleries was going to be a little bit hard for him due to the limited amount of space and opportunities for young artists, he then decided to build a name for himself on social media. By consistently sharing his work on social media, he has built up a supportive following online, which motivates and prompts him to continue creating more works of art.

A little background on the Mama Winnie Madikizela drawing.
He started sketching when he heard that Mama has passed on, when he realised how everyone was dropping their paintings and sketches online. He also decided to join in after seeing some of the mediocre images doing the rounds. When the media started commemorating mama Winnie’s life and all that she has done for South Africa and its people, Enoch was inspired and felt the need to create something when the country was in mourning and the least he could do was use his talent to honour her memory. He has finished the second art piece which he is going to give to mama Winnie’s daughters.

Image credit: Nqobile Sithole

What inspired all his other art pieces?
He draws all his inspiration from past experiences and women. He was raised by his grandmother and his grandmother’s sacrifices have been a massive influence in some of the pieces. “I have a different view on women and because past experiences have taught how selfless and loving they are” Enoch says. Women and the role that women play in society inform much of the topics and themes he chooses to tackle.

He also has a series of work with young boys carrying books on their head and wearing t-shirts with different quotes, this was a move to motivate young boys growing up in and around Sasolburg to never let their circumstances block them from achieving their dreams.

image of nqobile sithole
Image credit: Nqobile Sithole

Future Plans
He wants to open an art academy but first he is still trying to raise enough funds for a proper art studio so he can start teaching a small group of children interested in the arts. He also wants collaborate with people willing to help him exhibit his body of work called The Butterfly Found Its Wings.

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