Meet Morale ‘Pablo’ Phala: A visual artist & director focused on documenting the new wave

South Africa is in a very interesting place when speaking of youth culture and the arts. Content is a medium through which young South Africans are expressing themselves, sharing ideas and connecting with the world. And this content is dispensed through the internet, allowing this new generation to connect at a more global scale. The dopest thing about what is happening is the fact that these young creative kids are not only innovative in their ideation, but they are also fascinated with owning their ideas, and this fascination with ownership means that they are actively equipping themselves with knowledge about how the content and creative worlds function. Breaking away from archaic ways of thinking is a characteristic of this new South African generation.

Morale ‘Pablo’ Phala is a perfect example of a young person who is of this new generation of independent content creators. An active participant in aiding the growth of urban youth culture with a focus on entertainment and creativity, Morale has at young age achieved what very few creatives have achieved – being the go-to guy for all things associated with the documentation of the new wave in Hip Hop. In a short space of time, Morale has worked with some of biggest names in the South African music industry such as Riky Rick, Major League DJs and Lebza The Villain. He has positioned himself as a visual artist that is competent in film and tv production, directing and content conceptualization and development. One of the most interesting projects he leads currently is the Gram With Zinzy, a reality show which is arguably the first web-based reality series in South Africa.

image of morale phala
Image source: Instagram

His style as a visual artist, music video director and producer is refreshing characterized by a popping hues, exciting shops and interesting locations. He works closely with the Innanetwav, one of the most progressive breakout labels in South Africa with a roster that includes the some brilliant up and comers such as The Big Hash.

Morale is breaking new ground in the film and visual content creation space and he has a great future ahead of him. Look out for Morale Pablo Phala.

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