Meet Namibia’s AliThatDude: Fresh, creative reformer pushing beyond artistic thresholds in Southern African urban music culture

Namibian artist, AliThatDude, needs no introduction as he is an act that has performed at some of the biggest festivals in the world. An act, more famously known as part of innovative Experimental Hip Hop outfit, Black Vulcanite. In 2018, he primarily makes moves in the music world as a solo artist with backing from Cape Town’s Rude World Records, the vision seems to be same but this time around he’s using a different lens to view the world. Push musical boundaries, introduce the African listener to fresh sounds, use his voice to connect people and have fun, are clear goals which you can pick up from the music Ali makes.

The Cape Town based artist is gearing up release an EP called Mood Ring on the 29th of May through his label. The new project is to follow a string of dope SoundCloud releases that AliThatDude has been releasing to psyche up his fans and introduce them to a new sound. A sound that has him singing more on new age, future-beats influenced production which allows him to build a completely new world for his fans. Will he stick to the same direction and trajectory on his soon to be released project? We don’t know but what we can be sure of is the quality of the music will be world-class and the concepts will be second to none.

Image credit: Rude World Records

Stream Burnt Orange by AliThatDude below.

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