Meet Slotta: Swaziland-born musical innovator taking part in MLX’s remix challenge

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As small as Swaziland may be, the country is rich with musical talent especially in the electronic and House genres. The people, like South Africans, gravitate to dance music more than anything as people of Southern Africa generally love to groove and vibe. The people are jolly and demanded to be entertained and with that being said, a call-to-action is sent out to all the local creatives to provide entertainment. This where artists like Slotta come in.

Slotta started his journey in music as a vocalist and learned and perfected his trade at Subjamz studios, where he observed more established artists display their expertise. In 2011, while doing his second year in the Vaal region of the Gauteng province of South Africa, he bought a laptop and installed fruity-loops and  started of making Hip Hop beats as that was the dominant genre in that region.

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As much as he loved Hip Hop, Deep House was slowly drawing him in and he fell in love with the genre. This was also around a time where he had an urge to broaden his musical horizons as he tested his skills by challenging himself to produce other genres. In 2012 Slotta, had already grown more confident and he decided to send his music to a prominent South African House label, Soul Candi, which did not prove to be successful as the record label was not looking for the type of sound Slotta was making. But this did not deter him from pursuing his dreams.

Listen to the original track by XMPL:

After grinding and hustling, displaying sheer passion, something finally came up. He produced an EP that was released through Deeper Shades of House and ended up forming a genuine relationship with Lars Behrenroth. He further made more music for Deeper Shades of House and cemented his name in the House music scene. With this momentum and the achievements he has received, more opportunities came about as he was picked up by MotherLand X, where took part of the remix challenges that the record label hosts. Slotta also won the inaugural Beat Scramble competition hosted by MotherLand X.

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Slotta comes back harder than ever before as he took part in the latest MLX remix challenge, where Madala, a breakout hit by Johannesburg based duo – XMPL.

Stream Slotta’s Madala remix here:


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