MTN SWAMA Awards 2018 Best House Music Artist/Group Winner, Slotta, Shares His Story

Born Nicholas Sibusiso Dlamini, Slotta burst into the international dance/electronic scene through his debut EP entitled Sweet Temptation which was released on Lars Behrenroth’s Deeper Shades Recordings. This EP received positive feedback from a number of great international producers and DJs including the likes of Cory of Centric Music, Kaya FM’s Nicky B, Nick Holder just to mention a few, with a number of the songs from the EP being featured on a number of DJ mixes and radio shows.

“Slotta, well cliché as it may sound, is a young creative who was born in the city of Mbabane to Mr and Mrs Dlamini some 29  years ago [laughs]. I only have one sibling and we’re 10 years apart – talk about family planning. I think for that reason I got used to keeping to myself”, he briefly shares about himself. Slotta is one of the many multitalented gems from the kingdom of eSwatini as he producers, sings, writes songs and dabbles in photography, who excels in all of these fields. “Sleeping less helps me get better at my gifts. I spend more time on my craft, perfecting it” he shares on how he has been able to excel in the different fields he is involved in.

Inspired by human emotion, capturing these emotions through music and framing the different moods musically, has helped him curate some of the best house songs from the kingdom of eSwatini. Believing that he was put in the industry rather than putting himself there, Slotta has grown musically since his first release and is living his dream of touching lives with his music. “Being myself and not being swayed by the hype or trends has helped me consistent and touch lives with my music”, he shares about his consistency with his releases and his dream.

With the moniker taken from a 90s action series called Tropical Heat which had Nicholas Slaughter as the  protagonist, Slotta has hoisted eSwatini’s flag high and is now a household name in the local house scene through hard work and dedication to his craft. “What drives me is my desire to have my landlocked country looked at as a gem, an oyster of untapped potential in the African continent. Instead of us flying out to collab”, Slotta shares what motivates him to put so much effort into his work. “Instead of flying why can’t we have the very same artists we respect flying in to FIND US because we’ve caused so much havoc in the music scene” he elaborates.

“I can’t really say there’s a set formula I use, but there’s definitely a signature take I have. For me, it’s all in the melody bro, it can hit me at any time of the day. I could be out in the garden toiling away or just doing the dishes but once it’s got me it’s got me” Slotta shares his song making process. “With that melody I am then able to hear all other complementing sounds in my head so when I actually come around to being in my workstation – the process is swift. It would take me about an hour to finish a tune, but I then spend a couple of days tweaking and adding extra things to enhance the initial idea”, he adds. With this formula, Slotta has created music that caught the eye of world renowned deep house producer and DJ, Lars Behrenroth, making him the first Swazi to release music under Deeper Shades of House. “Just like any avid house lover, I had been following DSOH while in varsity, streaming all the shows and I subsequently had enough courage to send my material to him. Lars got back to me and gave me some pointers on tweaking some sounds to give my songs more life”, he explains about how he first afforded the chance to release music under DSOH. “In about 30 minutes I was done and resending it, that became Sweet Temptation. So it was divine luck my brother”, he adds.

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Having released The Sweet Temptation EP, Love Hold On (with remixes from Satoshi Fumi), in 2018 released his third release under DSOH which is entitled Sweet Temptation Remixes EP which received great reviews from different house connoisseurs from across the globe. The Sweet Temptation Remixes is nothing but spectacular, being one of those EPs to stay in your playlist for a while. “Sweet Temptation EP the remixes is a twist of my very first EP ever! This EP has one extra song compared to the first one because I am a person who can’t remix a song just once” he shares about the Sweet Temptation remixes EP.

Getting his first rejection from a label has propelled him to even greater heights with releases under a number of renowned labels like Antidote Music, Stellar Records and MotherLand X just to mention a few.

After having an amazing 2018, Slotta promises more music from him and applauds the local house music scene for all its exploits in 2018 with his personal highlight winning best house artist award at the 2018 MTN SWAMA Awards. Going into 2019 he promises more lunacy in his art and one can only wait eagerly for the fire he is about to bring.

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