Mzwaa Doesn’t Miss A Beat, He Is Right On Time

On the 20th of May eSwatini born and raised musician, Mzwaa, released his highly anticipated EP titled Right On Time. Designed, crafted and structured as his official introduction to the game; determined to leave an impression and the fact that it is released by new label venture, Antidote Indie, made the EP ever more special with its timing sublime.

The contents of the project are telling and contain perspectives, feelings and ideas of a Swazi youth that is hell-bent on getting his hands on anything he set his eyes on and in the same breath, everything that the world said he was not going to get. He raps, he sings and effortlessly displays an ease only seen in those who are rooted in their purpose, comfortable in their skin and confident in their abilities. It is heard in how Mzwaa trusts his voice to deliver messages that his peers in his country and the world beyond his country’s border can relate to. It is quite clear that for Mzwaa to reach this level of confidence and ability, he had to put in his ten thousand hours making the timing ever more special — it took him time to get where he is and the release of his comes at a perfect time in his life, when he is ready.

image of mzwaa
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Six tracks of beautifully produced songs featuring notable talents such as Velemseni and Young Grixxly as well production from Vuma, Brainz and Alexandros Hatzinikolaou.

Stream the Right On Time EP below.

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