Nokana Mojapelo is Windows 2000: A Man of Culture, Style, Business & Influence

The hip hop culture has five core elements, namely MCing, Bboying, graffiti, beatboxing and DJing; and like any other culture in the world, hip hop is dynamic and not exempt from change and disruption. This much needed change and disruption has allowed hip hop to morph into a global phenomenon which shelters youth and vehicle for black and brown ingenuity, creativity and expression. One may argue that hip hop should have ‘business’ as an additional element to this culture that we all love so much. Some may argue that style should be something that should be considered as an element and I would bring up an argument which is: for a practitioner of any of the elements of hip hop to be regarded as dope, they should have a unique style which sets them apart. The style has to be shown in practice and in presentation; practice is doing, and presentation is shown.

Presentation is not only in style but in how the practitioner looks and in that we get to speak about the fashion side of hip hop. Hip hop is not static. Only a few MCs exhibit or focus on the style and fashion element of the culture. In South Africa, the new generation of culture purveyors born post ‘94 express themselves differently with aesthetics valued similarly as bars. With DAWs and social media platforms, style as identifier is more important than ever and having the barrier of entry to the game eradicated by the internet has made things easier but harder at the same – your creativity earns you stripes in the streets and online. Only a chosen few manage to create multifaceted brands that encompass music, fashion and more. An individual who is a great example of this is Polokwane-born creative, Windows 2000. His craft extends far beyond just music, or just fashion, or just aesthetics; he has positioned himself as a shaper of culture shaper who creates work that defines his generation and the era that he is.

Windows 2000 uses different creative mediums to document the lives, times and influences of his generation. This was particularly shown when he dropped his Software Overdrive LP on the 1st of March, a tape is a perfect soundtrack for his life – detailing his love for hip hop, cotton and his fellow comrades in culture. On the LP he relays his come-up story, speaks on how the Spova gang, women in his life and tales of being young, wild, creative and free. The music Windows 2000 makes is reflective of the modern South African school of thought that many urban young people carry, and he merges different mediums together so beautifully in a spectacular display of creativity. Windows 2000 is a young man of culture, style, business and influence who carving out new lanes in the business of cool.

image of windows 2000
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Watch the music video for Skellies by uSanele Feat. Windows 2000 below.

Cop the Software Overdrive LP merch here.

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