Parcel shares insight on his well delivered afro-house project, The Parcel EP, and his musical journey

Born in the capital city of the kingdom of eSwatini, Parcel is the latest musical sensation to take the kingdoms entertainment scene by storm. The Parcel EP is a four track afro-tech infused  with hypnotic melodies and basslines accompanied by breathtaking siSwati vocals on two songs. Solid debut release from the lad, one that will be stuck in your playlist for a while . We had a chance to chat with Parcel and this is how it went.

Briefly tell us about Parcel?
My birth name is Sibusiso Bongani Zungu from Mbabane, Swaziland. I’m a dance music DJ/Producer. I fell in love with music at a very young age, I grew up listening to Gospel, Kwaito and rnb music and later on I started singing in a local church choir. That’s where I got a bit knowledge about music and that’s where I started exploring music more. I found house music most interesting and in 2015 I started music production using FL Studio.

You recently released an EP briefly tell us about the EP? What/who inspired it?
The EP is called The Parcel , it consist of 4 songs, 2 vocal tracks, Ngiyatifela Ngawe an afro house song with siSwati lyrics written by myself and Temantungwa who is also on the vocal on the song. Then Sive Esimnyama its afro tech house song featuring Nkosi Nda a Zimbabwean born vocalist. The other two tracks are instrumentals which is Bongani that has also got the afro tech vibe and lastly the special one, The Parcel, its down tempo and has more of a deep house vibe to it. The inspiration behind the whole EP is love. The love of music, people and life.

Tell us about the concept behind the EP and who you worked with?
As we all know, a parcel is a package that is to be delivered. And in this case I wanted to deliver music to the world. And it also made sense because Parcel is my stage name, a childhood nickname. I worked with Temantungwa Ndlangamandla, Nkosi Nda and Sandile Nkambule who is the brains behind Sive Esimnyama.

How has the response been?
The response is positive and overwhelming. I’ve been getting so much love from people all over the world.

What or who inspires your music?
My inspiration is from legendary dance music icons such as Manoo, Black Coffee, Djeff Afrozila, and Da Capo.

image of parcel dj

Take us through your song making process?
Ngiyatifela ngawe: I was at the studio this other day and a friend of mine came through, he was with Temantungwa, he introduced me to her, told me she is a pretty good singer and luckily I was looking for one. Seeing that we were both free that day and the studio was available, we decided to work on something, we recorded a very short song for a test and she passed with flying colours. I made her listen to some more beats I had and she chose the beat for “Ngiyatifela Ngawe”. I was excited because I had been looking for a vocalist for that beat and her voice was perfect. She wrote verse and I wrote the chorus and also created the tune for the chorus and Ngiyatifela Ngawe was born.

Bongani: Initially, this one had vocals on it. I was working on a remix for some friend of mine, and one day I was just listening to the instrumental of the remix and while I was listening, my flat-mate started shouting out some crazy chants. I didn’t understand what he was saying but I really liked it and we recorded them.

Sive esimnyama: It was written by Sandile Nkambule and he was supposed to sing it but we were at Nkosi Nda’s place for some input as he’s an experienced then he fell in love with the song and we went with him because we felt his voice was most fitting. The next morning we went straight to the studio, we recorded the song and it was done.

The Parcel: I was just having fun with the vocals to Star Boy by The Weeknd and in the process I came up with a chord progression I really loved. I uploaded the Star Boy bootleg on my soundcloud early last year to get feedback from people. While I was working the EP I went back to my old stuff and I came across it. I had forgotten about it but when I heard it again I knew this had to be on the EP. I removed the vocals and did some modifications then boom, there was The Parcel.

Going forward in 2019 what can we expect from you?
A lot of music, visuals and collaborations.

Any notable collaborations?
I have my finger crossed for some big ones this year but I don’t want to jinx it. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Are you available for collaborations?
100% available. Producers, singers and musicians at large can get in touch via social media or via email.


image of parcel dj
Image source: Instagram

Any notable performances?
I’m hoping the success of the EP can open up platforms for me to showcase my craft.

What can we expect from you the latter part of the year?
I want to release at least 3 EPs before the end of the year.

Where can fans-to be gain access to your music?
My music is available on iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, Traxsource, the list is endless. This link gives easy access to all stores and streaming sites:

You can stay updated with my music via my social pages as well:
Facebook Profile – Manzini Parcel Sibusiso
Facebook Page – @djParcel
Instagram : parceldj_sd

Stream The Parcel EP on Apple Music below.

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