Pierre Stemmett Nonchalantly Moves At His Own Pace

Twenty-one-year-old singer-songwriter, Pierre Stemmett, is a star – one that shines bright basking in the glare fueled of its uniqueness. Gifted with a strong pen which he uses to build imagined worlds, unpack emotions that we all go through but don’t know how to explain and communicate his view of the world. His gift makes him a once-in-lifetime type artist; the rare type, the ones that produce music packed with so much depth, fullness and sincerity leaving you – the listener on the receiving end – in awe forcing you to confront your demons, insecurities and to genuinely introspect. As much as many of the records that Pierre composes stem from and are inspired by his personal encounters and daily lived experiences, he has a natural gift of crafting songs that connect and empathy-oriented.

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Born and bred in Port Elizabeth, Pierre Stemmett always had the music bug in him, from a pubescent phase where he would mimic songs he heard on radio – this would later inspire him to take up songwriting as he entered into adolescence. It was during his high school years, where finally decided to take his calling seriously by making a concerted effort to record his ideas and this resulted in the release of Seals – a demo project which served as his first introduction to the masses. Seals was raw; experimental and unrestricted, perfectly illustrating the life, times and thoughts of a young teenage artist finding his voice and identity in the world.

The release of Seals in 2014 allowed him to build an online fanbase of young which was, with eager, going to follow and support him as he matured as an artist. At this point, he was perfecting his craft while learning how the music industry works as all his music was released independently. For the next three years, from 2015 to 2017, he would release a single titled Sleep Anthem and an EP titled Outset – these releases would satisfy his growing online following leading to 2018 where he would release a full body of work. Self-Inlficted was what this full body of work was called, an eleven-track album which saw a much more mature, creatively rooted and more experimental Pierre. Pulling from his various musical influences; from genres ranging from lo-fi hip hop, synth pop, alt rock, jazz and trap music, he built a truly unique project that would afford him the attention of an international audience. His go-to market strategy for Self-Inflicted was rigorous with a heavy focus on releasing videos on Youtube which garnered thousands of views. Fans were finding his music on Reddit and through streaming platform placements. He was well on his way to be a uniquely South African break out act.

image of pierre stemmett
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All of these great music career strides happened and are happening while Pierre juggles his electronic engineering studies at Stellenbosch University and that is immensely impressive. He is a great example of an artist that took his time to master their craft, while still being open to more influences from life as they grow and improve. Now, as a young adult, Pierre has a different out look of life and the world, and he has settled quit firmly in his talents making him more confident in his artistry. He moves at his own pace, comfortable in his own skin and is independently ushering a new energy into the South African music game.

Stream Pierre Stemmet’s album, Self-Inflicted on Apple Music below.

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