Pioneers of Joburg’s new age rap scene: Enter the dark, imaginative world of lynchparty

Let’s face it, the landscape of South African rap has changed. Young rap artists are not clinging on nostalgic, boom bap rap as they gravitate to a more trap sound that is prominent in Hip Hop. Through the eyes of an old head, what these kids are doing is complete blasphemy and a clear misrepresentation of what Hip Hop is supposed to stand for. I vehemently disagree with any old head that holds that stance as I see it as a ‘you like what you like’ situation. The new generation has its own way of expressing itself and to be honest, they cannot be faulted for that. What they do is unique and relevant to them – the keyword here is the word ‘them’.

Joburg is seeing somewhat of an emergence of generation Z kids taking up space in the urban music scene. Many of them are from suburban areas and they speak on their own lived experiences, adding to the growing South African Hip Hop scene. We have kasi rap, which is unique to South Africa, and now we have what some may call ‘new wave or new age’ rap which these young kids are pushing. Lynchparty, a Joburg-based duo, is a prime example of an emerging group breaking down cultural and creative frontiers by going against the grain. Their approach is a combination of dark imagery, shock value and rebellion – something very unique to South Africa as controversial art rarely surfaces in the country. In a country that is incredibly conservative, lynchparty serves us a dosage of difference and that’s amazing. We need that. We deserve the difference and art that will challenge our belief systems and thinking.

cocaine neese and madonis are two friends that have combined their creative talents and strengths. The two young creatives easily remind you of their overseas creative peers like xxxtentacion, smokepurpp, ski mask the slump god and Bill Saber. The Travis Scott influence cannot be ignored too, as the style and how the music is packaged is stylistically similar.

Listen to ‘Okay Okay’ by lynchparty featuring KC The Plug:

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