Playing with beats giants: A story of how South African producer, Iindman, entered the international beats market

Let’s face it, electronic music has taken over the world of music. A musical umbrella that has so many variations housed under it, has become the chosen voice of the 21st century youth – more specifically millennials. Some of the biggest artists in the world make electronic music and it all started with innovations from groups/artists like Kraftwerk, Daft Punk and Moby. Over the last thirty to thirty-five years, electronic music has gained so much popularity that you can find traces of it in most popular genres.

With everything that has been said, what’s picking up and gaining popularity in the world is also making sizeable waves in Africa. The power of African music has finally been recognized the world over, with afrobeat artists like Wizkid and Davido gaining the international recognition they desperately deserve. The same can be said about other genres as the massive influence that African music has trickled down into genres that don’t necessarily draw large crowds. The African diaspora as a whole now, stylistically, reigns supreme – be it dancehall, afrobeat or calypso.

Traces of Kwaito undertones and soundscapes can be founded scattered around Kaytranadas debut studio album, 99.9% – a project that took electronic music to unimaginable levels. Kwaito being one of the most original genres created by South African youth post-Apartheid – a genuine voice for the youth that was given the task to lead the nation into prosperity. Kwaito was raw, rough and unfiltered – a perfection representation of the people and the times. It’s 2017, South Africa has a different kind of youth, one that is more connected to the world. Like, what’s a border to a millennial who has access to the internet? Stories are being told using art. Music as a tool to convey the human truths that we carry is liberating. The same can be said about the young crop of South African musicians that are changing the narrative, defying borders and creating a legacy for themselves. Fearlessly breaking into foreign territory, armed with nothing but music and sheer passion. Electronic music has been the chosen weapon of choice when it comes to ushering in a new era of South African music.

Iindman, a South African electronic music producer, has been laying the foundation for the South African electronic music. A Mahikeng-born musical genius who has set his sights on taking South African electronic music to another level. With releases dating back to 2013, he showed time and time again that he was undoubtedly ahead of his time. The scene was small, but connected and that’s all that matters. For an ear that is accustomed to and only limited to the music that is churned out by the majors, Iindman’s music may be a difficult listen after a few listens but it achieves one beautiful – the listener is left no choice but to feel. The feelings experienced may be a combination of confusion, but the fact of the matter is that you’re guaranteed to feel. The nature of electronic music is to challenge you, move you and thrust you into a world of the unknown. Characterized by ambient sounds, spacey subtleties and psychedelic undercurrents, electronic music is breathtaking. Iindman’s music is unique and has compelled music Singapore-based label, Darker Than Wax, to take notice.

It wasn’t connections, payola or any shady dealing that got Iindman and his trusted compadre, ECHLN, the DTW put on. The music did it and they deserve it, they deserve to be shown the love they are receiving internationally because they are dedicated and unshaken in their truth and art. The work that they have put in is definitely not in vain, as they are laying the ground work for becoming household names in the global beats fraternity. Finding your sound is equivalent to finding yourself in this twisted, unpredictable world is heartwarming and something that Iindman is proudly displaying.

There’s talent in Africa and there’s no question about it. Iindman has managed to penetrate quite an interesting space in music – one that he can completely own and innovate in. In a time where following rather leading is the preferred option, Iindman acts as the much needed voice of reason as he stays true to his lane, art and truth. The world needs that, the world needs artists like Iindman who cannot be boxed and regarded as common. A multi-disciplined creative who has a story to tell, who is building an unshakeable legacy. Find out more about him here.

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