PREMIERE: Joburg based Swazi artist, Rendition, is determined to get more out of the music industry with the release of his latest single

The music industry is a wild, chaotic and unpredictable industry. Scores of creative hopefuls take a shot at being a successful act within the music business, but many fail repeatedly along the way and eventually give up. Passion and talent are necessary ingredients for success in the music game, but they unfortunately do not guarantee progress. A mixture of luck, hard work and timing, is normally enough for one to at least get one foot in the right industry doors in music.

To reach the top, one has to be open and welcoming to sacrifice for their art and familiarize themselves with the feeling of being constantly uncomfortable. Swaziland-born producer slash artist, Rendition, is a perfect example of an artist that has had to sacrifice a lot to be where he is today. After bravely taking on a journey of relocating to South Africa, where he had to prove himself as an artist, find a way to make ends meet and build the necessary connections, he has succeeded in covering a sizeable amount of ground within the South African music industry. Mind you, the South African music industry is one of the toughest music markets in Africa to successfully break into, so that provides you with a little bit of context and perspective as to how hard Rendition has had to work to add weight to his name.

A willingness to learn and be guided has shaped him into the artist that he is today. From starting out as a deep house DJ to challenging himself to make other genres of urban music like Hip Hop and EDM, to founding one of the first electronic music focused labels in Swaziland – Rendition has progressed as a person, creative and now, a business person. On the creative side of things, Rendition worked his way up and eventually got the attention of Red Bull Studios Cape Town which lead to him being invited to record a project at the establishment. A project that was to be called Art. Love. Magic. A body of work that was a made in five days and with a limited amount time, Rendition displayed his genius by challenging himself creatively and content wise.

Art.Love.Magic is a 5 track EP entirely produced and written by Rendition. One of the most interesting elements about this EP is the rise of Rendition – the songwriter. With guidance from his longtime collaborator, C-Tea, and his business partners, Vuma and DJ Ohpis, Rendition builds a musical world where he can be vulnerable and speak on things like love, heartbreak and how heartbreak can inspire greatness.

On the first single of the EP, Rendition calls on the expertise of C-Tea to help him speak on how much he wants to succeed, how he is curving the many distractions in the entertainment business and how despite all his achievements, he still craves and wants more – for himself, his team and his family.

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