Rave & Resistance: Red Bull Revisits Pivotal Moments In South Africa’s Music & Club Culture History

It is without doubt that South Africa is a melting pot of culture, music and entertainment. Those three things intersect beautifully in Mzansi, creating truly something unique that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. The pleasures that we; consumers of culture, music and entertainment; enjoy did not come easy as many obstacles had to be defied to built a thriving scene that attracts the world to our country.

In 2019, the force that is South African dance music is undeniable, with high-flyers such as Black Coffee who are further driving the impact and influence of South Africa on electronic music in the global arena. But before we can speak about and/or exalt the likes of Black Coffee, we have to go back into time to investigate the foundations of the South African dance music scene as we know it. And for us to successfully derive value in our investigation, we have to make mention of the architects who created the blueprint for the culture. Critical moments in history give us insight into the birth of one of the most culturally significant scenes that help shape current popular culture. Red Bull took on the task of conducting this investigation into the makings of a powerful culture. Titled Rave & Resistance, the documentary seeks to pay tribute to South Africa’s club culture.

image of south african dj christos
Image supplied by Red Bull.

To provide an introspective view of the South Africa’s of the makings of dance music culture in South Africa, Red Bull revisits pivotal moments in the country’s musical history which helped formed the scene. They looked at the formation of genres and culture, artists and DJs that played a role in building the culture, and the general state of the nation of the time – the late 80s to mid 90s where Apartheid was coming to a close.


image of south african personality Bob Mabena
Image of Bob Mabena supplied by Red Bull.

The documentary features views and insights provided by respected industry players such as Bob Mabena, Oskido, Lakuti, Vinny Da Vinci, DJ Christos, Trompies and G-Force, who detail their journeys in shaping dance music culture in South Africa.

Directed by talented Johannesburg based director, Zandi Tisani, who created a beautifully-shot piece which is driven by a narrative that all South Africans can relate to and also structured to educate those outside of our borders.

Watch the documentary below.

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