Rhymes With Reason & A Purpose: Phola, Phola Is A Breath of Fresh Air In The African Hip Hop Fraternity

Raised in the capital city of South Africa, Pretoria; Phola, Phola (real name Phola Pemba) is a breath of fresh air in the African hip hop space — a space that is known for its exclusionary nature where men and their views are placed at the fore and prioritized. With a fresh approach to music and a voice that is so powerful, it posits Phola, Phola as as medium through which her daily lived experiences are communicated; giving you a glimpse of the life, times and thoughts of a young queer creative navigating existence and the power afforded to her as an artist.

As much as Phola, Phola speaks for herself, on her views and about experiences in her music; she also evidently speaks for and represents queer people — pushing for visibility and recognition in the media, art and other creative-led spaces. Her most powerful tool is her words; which she uses to poetically construct realities which her growing audience can live in, confide in and just be.

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Her pen is mightier than the sword as she uses it to test the limits of language, change perspectives, introduce new ideas and to entertain. Phola, Phola is force to be reckoned who produces, sings and raps — an awe-inspiring talent that is set to disrupt the South African urban music scene. Now based in Cape Town, she is slowly building a buzz and a core audience through performances at many culturally-significant establishments in Cape Town such as the Raptor Room.

One of the other interesting things about Phola, Phola is that she is related to Vuzu’s The Hustle participant and ever-impressive rapper — Obe Bomaye. This means that the gift of making music undoubtedly runs in the family.

Phola, Phola is gearing up to release her latest EP next month where she will showcases her excellence as a writer, singer and producer.

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