Rooted in jazz, growing in house: Bruce Loko takes South African deep house & techno to the world

Breyton, Mpumalanga born producer, Bruce Loko, is an artist that has a special and rare talent of bending sound to his will. Gifted with a great ear, an unconventional approach to crafting modern electronic music soundscapes, and a deep background in jazz music, he has quickly worked to become an innovator for South African music. He operates and flexes his skills in the electronic music arena and his rise to prominence in the local scene is no coincidence, but a result of passionate hard work.

He embodies much more than just your typical button basher or DAW operator, he has positioned himself as the go-to guy for all things innovative and daring when it comes to house music – see him as being a medium of which the universe uses to connect man in song. It is no surprise that the world calls for him prompting him to evade the South African borders as a representative to go heal and unite people in the name of dance music. A pioneer in his own right that has undoubtedly created opportunities for himself which very few artists from the province of Mpumalanga have received, and that right there is what we call breaking boundaries.

Sonically, Bruce Loko is known for his deep, atmospheric and technical interpretation of house music. He stays true to his training in jazz as he incorporates pulls some stylistic elements from the genre in his more modern, electronic production. The sound he has created, a style that he confidently owns, is innately South African but carries enough fire power to live comfortably in the global dance music arena. Bruce Loko is loved dearly by the South African underground and highly respected by his peers in music, people like the UK’s Atjazz, Kid Fonque and Aero Manyelo, all pioneers in their own right.

Bruce Loko is well on his way of building a successful career which will see him break new ground for South African electronic music, encourage a culture of innovation in our music and introduce us to new concepts.

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