Seba Kaapstad signs to Mello Music Group & releases an awe-inspiring single titled ‘Breathe’

The Seba Kaapstad journey started in 2013 when Stuttgart, Germany, born student Sebastian Schuster moved to Cape Town. While spending some time in the Mother City familiarizing himself with the new surroundings, cultures and people, he later met other young Cape Town based students, Zoe Modiga and Ndumiso Manana, who he would proceed to start a working musical relationship. As a result of the formation of their working relationship in music, a beautiful chemistry was formed allowing them to push boundaries musically.

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Pulling from their respective roots and upbringings, it came as no surprise that what Seba Kaapstad would go on to deliver was going to be groundbreaking. With South African, Swazi and German reference points, Seba Kaapstad designed its own blend of jazz-inspired sound which also draws stylistic influences from hip hop, rhythm & blues, soul and electronic dance music. 2016’s Tagore’s was the result of three years of hard-work spent crafting this sound. The ten-track masterpiece was their first official introduction to the world as an act – it saw them defeat conventions by stretching genres from yesteryear and thrusting them into the modern realm. The group also added a fourth member in 2016; Philip Scheibel, to complete the team. Their sound, although their journey started in South Africa, carried universal themes with global nuances which makes the music easily understood by all who interact with it – as the approach and the style was shamelessly worldly.

Now six years later, the group has re-emerged with a more experimental and mature interpretation of music. Each member has grown personally and musically; with Zoe Modiga releasing SAMA award-winning album, Yellow, which propelled her into the limelight in the South African music industry. Now with accolades and access to more ears, the group re-unites to shift the landscape of music once again. Their tireless work and innovative spirit has allowed them to catch the attention of influential American independent label, Mello Music Group, which signed them making them the first international act of the label.

The announcement of this monumental signing came with the release of Breathe – an awe-inspiring track which has many unexpected but impressive twists and turns in direction. The track serves as a beautiful display of their style and what they have to offer.

Great things are to be expected from this group. They are certainly ready for world domination.

Stream Breathe below.

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