Self-love, Acceptance & A Defiance of Social Norms Is The Focus On Refentše Solo’s Latest Single

Earlier this year, Refentše Solo blew the local music scene away with the release of her debut project titled GENESIS — her first official shot at venturing in the music game. Armed with a beautiful voice, fearlessness in her performance and confidence, she has won herself fans online and offline. In the alternative music scene in Cape Town, Refentše’s name has been steady bubbling up and after a few features on songs of some of her peers such as Tsukudu, she comes back with Ocean Deep: a powerful song about self-love, acceptance and defying social norms that dictate unhealthy beauty standards.

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In Ocean Deep, Refentše delivers a message to powerful in a very soothing manner drawing you in with her beautiful voice prompting you absorb everything she says. “This song is a reminder that when we love and accept ourselves and one another as we are, that is when the real miracles occur ” she explains about the song. The song comes with a music video which was shot by a team that she regularly works with

Watch the Ocean Deep music video below.

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