South Africa Launches The #InclusionBeforeProfit Campaign

We’re about a week away from the start of Women’s month in South Africa. Now depending on how you view things, women’s month may be a great month characterized by women empowerment conferences and events that are, in design, crafted to increase society’s awareness of the important roles that women play in society. That sounds great and it is, but we have to speak on the ruthless commercialization of Women’s month by corporations and organizations often led by men whose intention is to solely derive profits without contributing to causes, organizations or platforms that are directly involved with upliftment of women in the South African society. In the entertainment space, this is ever-so-obvious and apparent, as promoters host events that claim to promote women through a guise of supposed inclusion. Such acts are indicative of genuine inclusion and a signal of change in an industry that is male-dominated, in fact this so-called inclusion is conditional.

image of South Africa is challenging this with their latest campaign called #InclusionBeforeProfit. One of the most important elements of this campaign is that it is structured to double as a charity fundraiser that started beginning of July and will end on the 31st of August. The beneficiaries of this fundraiser are three women and LGBTQ+ focused organizations that do great work in various South African communities.

Find out how you can be involved in this campaign here.

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