Sir Abster Confronts God About His Past, Present & Future On ‘On Behalf of The Gods’

It is without doubt that when speaking about South African hip hop in the contexts of regions that produce some of the country’s deadliest MCs, you cannot not mention the East Rand – a region appropriately named the Beast Rand by hip hop heads. This fact is confirmed by Vosloorus based rapper and Clubz Gang founder, Sir Abster, who recently released a bar-filled posse cut featuring some of the East’s most skilled, up and coming spitters with an appetite to eat everything placed in front of them; be it other rappers or opportunities presented to them.

Conceptually, the song sees Sir Abster question God about his life, his past, present, his future and the power vested in him to change the world with his words. He opens the track with a fiery-bars rooted in gratitude where relays messages of the importance of trusting the process, the protection and blessing he receives while on the hustle and the prospects of a success that is looming in his life. Sir Abster’s performance on the Bluucheese produced record is a grand display of prayer packaged in the form of gritty raps. Now with Sir Abster strong introduction on the song, an equally impressive performance from Boksburg based wordsmith, Thomas Hazey, who ushers in a different type of energy on the track and wields his lyricisms in a spectacular display of prose. Coming through with a deep-voiced verse where he gives the listener a pathway to his thoughts where he details how his moves are likely to deliver returns in the form of cream, his status as a young rap king and how he intends to take over the game this year.

The third rapper on track is Spruitview based rapper and graphic designer, Danger Power Ranger, who starts off his verse with melody-driven approach bringing a more playful yet potent energy to the song. He hooks you with his approach drawing your attention and like a thief-in-the-night, he cracks the whip with some heavy bars where he digs deep within himself for some honest introspection. His sincerity and bravery is so strong and gripping that it can easily pass off as a self-help motivational sermon with Danger positioned on a pulpit delivering his truths to those that need guidance and direction.

Danger Power Ranger wraps up his verse with a gentlemen’s class, laying up the final spitter to give us a piece of his mind and close the song off in style. That spitter is none other than Fireman R5, a respected musician from Vosloorus whose influence in his hood is undeniable. He is unapologetic in his performance, rapping braggartly in IsiZulu. “I’gama uFireman for abo baby nabo A&R”, he raps as he kicks off his verse – a perfect invitation into his world and his thoughts – setting the mood for what proves to be an impressive verse. As he raps on further, he mentions that he has been rapping for over nine years and he has earned his stripes in the game and dares any rapper to step to him. He does not shy away from mentioning that he wants paper as that would be an ideal situation for all of his efforts in elevating the local rap game.

On Behalf of The Gods is an infectious song that will surely get all of the heads that are hungry for great raps going crazy. With no chorus, the song in its composition grips you from beginning to end giving you unadulterated hip hop entertainment.

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