Soul, groove & passion: Refentše Solo is a South African artist built on honest, heartfelt & genuine expression

Refentše Solo is a Cape Town based singer-songwriter who originally hails from South Africa’s capital city, Pretoria. Pretoria is known for producing some of South Africa’s most innovative, groundbreaking and influential artists in mediums of art such as music, fashion, visual and performance art, and Refentše Solo is undoubtedly one of these artists. With an angelic and soothing voice, the talented musician has taken the Cape Town music scene by storm, collaborating with a lot of the city’s musical talents such as DJ 1D and Bantu The Consciousness.

As a songwriter, she possesses a pen so strong and powerful that she can easily curate sonic vibrations that can make the listener feel, reminisce and dream. Her sweet soothing voice comes as a cherry-on-top, and as much as she is a relatively new act, her talent affords her the luxury to be multifaceted in her artistic approach as she performs well in genres like acoustic soul, house, neo soul and R&B. One of her unique selling points as a singer-songwriter is that she has a great command of the English language whilst being an equally potent handler of Northern Sotho, making her a truly unique South African act.

image of refentse solo
Photography credit: Ezra Mokgope

In 2018, Refentše put her best foot forward by relentlessly pushing to release music online to get her name out there and through her collaborations this year she has managed to build a body of work that will allow her to release her debut project next year. The debut project is set to be a six-track project with production credits from her frequent collaborator DJ 1D, AGORD NOVA and Tsukudu. Genesis is what the project is to be called and the release date is the 9th of January, which happens to be Refentše’s birthday – making it a great gift to herself whilst also serving as her official entrance into the game.

In preparation for the release of her debut release, Refentše released beautiful visuals of a single off of her upcoming EP titled Genesis. The song carries the title of her debut release and it is beautiful song which sees her flex the beauty of her voice and her songwriting skills.

The music video was shot and directed by Naserian Koikai, DOP’d by Ezra Mokgope, styled by Ama Hlalele, creative directed by Prince Mphomanne and Refentše was dressed by Plus Fab by Ouma Tema with set assistance provided by the talented, Wandile Mvula. Beautiful video crafted by a young South African creatives. The future of South Africa is undeniably bright when artists like Refentše Solo step up to the fore to deliver great music.

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