Sounds from Vosloorus: DALI DANGER drops ‘LAP DANCE’ featuring ENKEI

The East Rand currently runs the urban entertainment space in Johannesburg – this is arguable. From Hip Hop to House, genres that are enjoyed mostly by the black urban youth, the East Rand keeps producing admirable art that eventually reaches South Africa in its entirety. As much as talks of the influence of the East Rand are often rget biased when the focus is solely on Tembisa or Katlehong, other hoods in the East like Vosloorus continually prove naysayers wrong about which hood is most impactful.

Sure, Tembisa and Katlehong may have more people in the forefront representing their hoods before the eyes of the masses, but over the last three years Vosloorus has seen a resurgence of creatives innovating and breaking boundaries. Take Okay Wasabi as an example, a 23-year-old content creator who makes relatable content that crosses class boundaries. Black kids from e’kasi and ones from the ‘burbs are united by the content created by Wasabi, as he intelligently communicates and showcases the collective South African black experience. Now, Wasabi is not the only content creator/creative that is slowly changing the narrative of who’s who in the East as his fellow compadres move alongside him. Names like DALI DANGER, ENKEI, Benny, Danger Power Ranger and Thabo Louw often pop up in conversations about which artists South African music industry players should look out for.

The music and content coming out of Vosloorus is organic, raw, progressive and very relatable – traits that are indicative of a breakthrough into the South African pop realm. DALI DANGER offers his art up as one of Voslo’s first strikes in the first quarter of 2018 as he drops ‘LAP DANCE’ featuring the multi-talented artist, ENKEI. The song is as groovy as a song can get, with ENKEI on the hook and DALI on the bars. An experience is created.

Vosloorus is slowly becoming the go-to-hood for authentic and groundbreaking South African content – be it music, skits, Youtube shows or branded content.

Stream the song below:

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