South African dream pop: Academie is a Joburg based duo serving you pop gems to soundtrack your life

Johannesburg-based pop outfit, Academie, is back! The duo, comprised of Jean-Louise and Alex Parker, drew first blood two years when they fearlessly broke out in the local scene. Armed with a unique sound, one that sees them render a new interpretation of pop music, one that can be unpacked, championed and enjoyed by the South African audience whilst seamlessly fitting into the international pop and electro music arena. When Academie came out, it was clear that they there gunning for global recognition and praise, and with a solid foundation, great tracks and great live performances, the duo is equipped to take their sound across borders.

Sonically, the duo seeks to fuse 80s synth-heavy grooves, expertly layered and cut pre-recorded samples with modern electronic soundscapes. The interesting thing about the duo is that as much as their musical approach is inherently electronic, they still value and integrate acoustic elements to construct their sound.

image of battles artwork
Official animated artwork of Academie’s first single of 2018 – Battles.

For Academie, aesthetics are equally as important as the music, which is dope because they understand the importance of supplying the listener with a visual representations of their music, especially with the type of music they create – visuals are crucial. In this department, they do not lack and this, coupled with amazing music, has allowed them to build a devoted, loyal following which they can grow with as an act.


The duo has released a single titled ‘Battles‘ which serves as a follow up to Volumes, an EP which they released in 2016. When describing the single, the Jean-Louise says “The inspiration for ‘Battles’ came from observing the never-ending mud-slinging between people with two different points of view, with neither actually listening to what the other is saying,” she says of the song. The single is a synth-heavy gem that carries sweeping vocals which are married to an 80s-inspired groove that pulls you in as a listener. The duo plans to release more music as the year goes.

As a live act, Academie still has a lot of up their sleeves as they have a couple of gigs that they will be rocking with the biggest one being Rocking The Daisies.

Stream their latest single, Battles, on Spotify.

Stream their latest single, Battles, on Apple Music.

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