South African electronic music maestro, Muzi, shares his vision for Africa with the world

Durban-based producer, Muzi, is a true treasure for South African music. Experimental electronic music that prioritizes traditional African sounds, from West Africa to South Africa, is rare and the producers that are brave enough to test the waters of experimentation are even more rare. Muzi on the other hand is a brave, creative and free. In a time where imitation is rife, and individuality is scarce, he unapologetically expresses himself the way he wants to, with no boundaries or external pressure. Weirdly enough, by listening to his music, you can almost tell that he is not in this music thing for anything else but the music – the passion is clear and undeniably infectious.

Successfully combining traditional Zulu folk music like Maskandi and Mbaqanga, with modern soundscapes that are prevalent in today’s popular music genres such as hip hop, electronica and then mashing that up with some South African kwaito and some afrobeat flavor from West Africa, you get Afrovision – Muzi’s vision for Africa shared through music. On the thirteen-track album, he channels African icons and respected pioneers of African music; Fela Kuti, Bhekumuzi Luthuli, Hugh Masikela and Mandla Spikiri, to create a modern-sounding album that can be used to forecast what African music is likely to sound in the next five to ten years. In composition, Afrovision is inherently futuristic and progressive. An easy and fun listening that subtly forces you to envision a better and more prosperous Africa, and all of that is done through music. You really have to give Muzi props! Afrovision is crafted in a way that will prove to you that Africa is where it’s at.

album artwork for muzi's afrovision album
Image credit: Muzi

It is no surprise that for a boundary pushing album like Afrovision, Muzi enlists some of South Africa’s best up and coming talent like Langa Mavuso, Una Rams and Tiro alongside seasoned Mzansi innovator, Okmalumkoolkat. To support the West African influence, he calls on Nigerian star, Seaba on Chocolate Dreams, a song with a catchy hook that a lot of South Africans have fallen in love with. Songs like Zulu Skywalker, Boss Mode, Best Friend, Kini and Bantu Space Odyssey are absolute vibes and bangers of note. Props to Muzi for not succumbing to the pressure of creating what his peers are creating and crumbling under the pressure to follow what artists are doing. Afrovision is an amazing album and one that will be remembered for taking African music forward. Strongly recommend that you buy this one.

Stream on Spotify below.

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