Spring in the Kingdom of eSwatini: Celebrating Street Food & Art with the Mnandzi Street Food Fiesta

Food is an art form of its own, with an increasing number of events celebrating authentic street food, Mnandzi Street Food Fiesta is one of those events. The Mnandzi Street Food Fiesta will showcasing a rich selection of local vendors serving up authentic street food ranging from grilled meat from a Shisa Nyama, bunny chows, burgers, sea food skewers, cocktails and vegan smoothies. This edition is a collaboration with Black Sheep Tattoos to bring about art in the food market and trying to remove the stereotype people have towards tattoos. Tattoos will be on special on the day and will be done by Blacksheep Tattoo artists Banger and Bonkie.

image of mnandzi street food fiesta swaziland
Official Event Poster For The Mnandzi Street Food Fiesta happening this weekend.

Designed to celebrate and showcase multicultural facets of eSwatini through a fun-day long food market filled with a plethora of tastes, sights and eclectic sounds, the Spring Art Edition promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Patrons will get the opportunity to sample an array of street food all in a single day. With a solid line-up that includes spinners Kuru, Flava, Ophis and live performances from acts such as Harristheniner, Swiss and Mzwaa. One’s insatiable desire for eclectic sounds will surely be filled and pallets satisfied with an assortment of food stalls. An event catering for the whole family, the Mnandzi Street Food Fiesta: Spring Art Edition is one not to be missed. Hosted at the Swazi-Lizkhar Sport Horses and Top Competitive Centre, a perfect venue for an event of this magnitude.  Let’s meet on the 1st of September to celebrate good music, street food and art.

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