Styllz Entertainment Presents Cyprus Link Up ‘19 with Nasty C and Boity

Fresh from hosting two of Zimbabwe’s biggest artist the sensational Enzo Ishall and Trevor Dongo, Styllz Entertainment is once again bringing South Africa’s hip hop sensation Nasty C and Boity to North Cyprus. Nestled in the southeast corner of the Mediterranean, with the weather much favorable for the holiday adventure, the glamorous island is its third largest one.The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus actively supports university education, recognizing the vital contribution it makes to the country. The higher-education sector constitutes 40 percent of the economy of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This is why higher education is an integral part of governmental policy and why Northern Cyprus is considered an oasis of higher education.

Having hosted the likes of Jah Signal, Enzo Ishall, Trevor Dongo, Judgement Yard, Killer T this will be not be the first high profile show to be hosted by the enteratinment stable. “With an influx of students who consume a lot of South African music i thought it was the right time to be the first entertainment stable to bring a South Africa,” says Prince the C.E.O of Styllz Entertainment.

Hosted at the Lions Gardens in Famagusta which is befitting the status of these two hip hop giants. The Lions Garden disco itself boast a fantastic sound and light system, pumping out a whopping 30,000 watts of sound and creating an amazing atmosphere with their 40,000 watt lighting system. The disco alone covers some 3500 square metres, so there’s plenty of room for everyone to have fun. A mid-summer dance party held there in 2006 was so popular, you can even buy the video online! Cyprus Uncut 2019 promises to be the biggest event the island has ever witnessed with tons of the student already posting about the event and both artists posting about it. “ We are yet to reveal more artists and we have a number of surprises, so everyone should be on  the lookout” reveals Styllz.

poster for styllz entertainment featuring nasty c &
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