Surreal Sounds Takeover: Katlego Swizz is a maven shaping the South African House industry

In many small scenes or sub-cultures, mavens that build communities that eventually form the bedrock of experimentation, progression and innovation, exist. These mavens, polymaths as some would call them, connect people and resources under one banner or umbrella for the sake of enhancing the standard of creativity for a specific group of people. This specific group of people often goes on to create ground-breaking work that moves people, shifts cultural and creative landscapes and inevitably pushes humanity forward. In South Africa, many underground sub-cultures exist within the music industry that inform much of what we get to hear in the pop realm. The individuals that are behind these sub-cultures often don’t get the shine and praise that they deserve and that’s grossly disappointing. Maybe praise and recognition may not be the appropriate gift to the pioneers, but rather having their names etched on the hearts of the people they influence and impact.

Katlego ‘Swizz’ Ngoepe is one of these mavens. One of the men behind innovative Polokwane based label, Surreal Sounds Music. Moving stealthily behind the scenes of the House music industry in South Africa. With love and passion, he has formed a formidable platform for tastemakers within the House music industry in South Africa. Specialising in underground and deep House, Swizz has had a hand in many of the successful careers of House DJs and producers who House supporters have grown to love and cherish. From Da Capo to Punk Mbedzi, Swizz has facilitated the growth of bedroom creatives to stars with national (some international) recognition. All through the work of one man accompanied by equally passionate associates. Dues have definitely been paid and the only thing that is warranted is recognition.

We have to applaud the resilience, courage and passion that has kept him pushing boundaries in the House scene in South Africa. The fact that his label is not based in Johannesburg, the entertainment hub of South Africa, but still manages to reach people in other provinces and often times break border barriers uniting music lovers overseas is impressive.

Listen to the guest mix that Katlego Swizz blessed us with.He shares some of his favourite tunes and breaks a few records. Peep it below:

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