Swati Artists Based In The Diaspora: FatBouyBeyz Is Determined To Make His Mark In The African Hip Hop Industry

Born Basil Mavuso, BeyZ is a young, upcoming rapper from the kingdom of eSwatini who is based in South Africa. In 2018, he dropped his debut project titled “Sick Test”— an EP in which he infused his childhood musical experiences. We had a chance to chat with him.

Firstly briefly tell us who is Beyz?
Beyz is a 21-year-old artist from eSwatini who loves making music, who seeks to inspire people to follow their dreams even with or without support and to always stay true to themselves and go for what they love.

Where did the name Beyz come from?
The name comes from my real name Basil, so most people were calling me BeyZ so I thought it would be easier calling myself BeyZ since most people already knew me as BeyZ but now I decided to call my myself FatBouyBeyZ.

What made you to fall in love with hip hop?
lt’s the music I grew up listening to and I spent a lot of time with my cousins and they were listening to rap (50 Cent, Eminem, Necro, Lax, Big Pun) and one of my cousins used to rap at the time so I would watch him rap, I would see him write his music and every time he would invite me to freestyle. I tried it out and at first it was difficult because I never knew what I was doing but then I started liking it and that’s when it all started and I never stopped doing it, and I got better and better, still improving to this day.

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What/who can you say inspires you and your art?
I’m inspired by my surroundings, everything that happens around me and that has a direct impact on my music. I’m inspired by South African rapper Kwesta.

You are one of the rappers which we can safely call a “lyricist”, take us through your song writing/making process?
[Laughs] thanks bro, it all depends on the kind of song I’m making. If it’s dancehall, I usually start with the hook and make sure the hook is catchy. So first I lay down the melody of the song, then I lay three different hooks with different flows then I choose the best one, then I go onto to the verses. With dancehall I always try to dumb it down so it’s easier to vibe to and I have learnt over the years not to force music, now I just let it come naturally.

Where do you think Swazi hip hop is right now?
I think there is still room for improvement. The industry is still growing but slowly and the main problem is that we don’t really believe in our own artists as we always prefer artists from other countries. But it’s all up to the younger artists to change that, I mean it’s easier to rap now than it was back then but there are artists doing well locally and some of my favorites are Lyrikal Busta, CNX BOI 100 and Ncwiki Flex.

You are currently based in South Africa. How has the reception to your music been that side?
The reception has been good and I’ve been getting love from the city I’m based in and now it’s up to me to give them more. I gave them two freestyles and videos, now I’m planning to give them a video for my latest single ‘Hips Dont Lie‘ and hopefully get it on TV. Yeah, they find it easy to relate with the brand and it’s all love and I have a couple of features lined up with artists from this side. I will also be working with a few producers from this side too.

What is the biggest challenge for you as an artist, especially in the Swazi music industry?
That’s a tough one to answer because I’m not looking into that industry for now. But friends from that side tell me that promoters don’t want to pay and fans see their favorite local acts headlining shows every weekend but they not eating that’s the main problem with the swazi industry.

His Majesty King Mswati III often speaks of His dream of attaining first world status by 2022. What’s your take on His vision and how are your goals/vision aligned to His vision?
Yeah, by 2022 I should have achieved international status and have become an international brand. Open up my own label and sign a few artists. That’s my 2022 vision.

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What has been great year for you, from awards to a number of performances overall what has been your highlight of the year?
This year, so far it has to be the co-sign from PhinhoVet Multimedia. We have a lot of dope work lined up for you guys. The two freestyles I dropped, they handled the visuals and they will also be designing the cover art for my upcoming project. I’m looking forward to a few gigs that I have in the Mpumalanga province also in Pretoria. More information will be available on my social media channels.

You have released a number of hit singles, when can we expect a full body project?
I am currently working on my second project titled ‘Special Exam‘ a mixtape with a total of 12 songs, it will be a versatile project from rap ,ne skool, trap soul etc. We planning on dropping it around July, we haven’t set a date yet.

Where can fans-to-be find your latest music and any other essential info?
You can find my music on my YouTube channelSoundCloud and on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music as BeyZ. You can also find my music videos on PhinhoVet TV.

Stream FatBouyBeyz’s latest track below.

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