Tapedecks & Vinyls: Vitu collabs with SkinnieZ & yoyo for his first demo for 2018

Cape Town based rapper, Vitu, always comes correct. Regarded by OkayAfrica as a top 25 under 25 rapper in South Africa, Vitu continually proves why Hip Hop fans should pay attention to him and what he has to say as a young rapper from the continent. The consistent release of quality music, ranging from modern rap soundscapes like trap to the more traditional old school sound, is how he intends on capturing the listener’s attention and growing his fan base.


This is a short series of songs that I wanted to put together for people to hear a bit of the music I’ve been working on while working on the follow up to to my debut project “This Time Next Week”. The tracks are a smooth blend between Hip Hop and Jazz  with both modern trap elements as well as old school 90’s Hip Hop cuts.


The Arcade Music member ends off the first quarter of 2018 with a four track EP titled ‘Tapedecks & Vinyls‘ where he calls on the creative services of his frequent collaborators, SkinnieZ and yoyo.  On this project also showcases his production skills as he produced two of the four joints on the short EP. The EP can be described as nostalgic and traditional with a lyrical delivery that oozes a sense of cool.

Stream Tapedecks & Vinyl below:

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