The Ambience EP: MorseKode & Loux Artiste explain life using Hip Hop as a medium

Soweto based producer, MorseKode, and rapper, Loux Artiste, released the Ambience EP in February – a five track project which carries a strong early 2000s J-sec era influenced in production and in raps. Under the supervision of Soweto’s very own, Speeka Thapelo, MorseKode and Loux Artiste crafted a truly unique body of work which perfectly unpacks youthful, black and township life through the eyes of a millennial South African.

The self-proclaimed god-tier MC, Loux Artiste, uses his pen as a weapon to strongly assert himself in the ranks of the best rappers in Southern Africa. He plays with the English language; detailing the happenings of his life, his experiences and things that are directly linked to his being – rap, fatherhood and his immediate surroundings. He floats on MorseKode’s production, weaving words together to craft stories which give the listener the opportunity to see life through his eyes. Welcome To The Blues Room is the EP’s introduction, it sets the tone of the project with its laid-back, mellow and jazzy feel – the song’s title speaks of its purpose as an introduction to a world the two artists have created.

Vapors follows as the second track and it introduces a new energy to the project; bringing a more hardcore, rap-heavy and competitive spirit to the fore. On this joint, Loux Artiste is encouraged by MorseKode’s production to not hold back with his raps and showcase his top-tier skills, flexing his knack for playing with words and figures of speech. The third track is titled Eleanor, where Loux Artiste introduces themes of self-reflection, fatherhood, love and modern manhood. On Eleanor, he touches on his love life as he raps candidly about his significant other, the role that she plays and the ups and downs of their relationship. He follows Eleanor up with Offspring Pt. 1 featuring Vic, where he zones in on his relationship with his son.

image of morsekode, speeka thapelo & loux artiste
Image credit: Facebook. Soweto’s new Hip Hop fraternity.

The last song on the project is named after the producer, MorseKode, and on this track Loux Artiste flexes his god-tier status as he raps his heart out and closes the project. In the current hip hop climate in South Africa, The Ambience EP, comes as a breath-of-fresh-air and makes us appreciate great lyrics over great beats.

You can download the The Ambience EP here and here.

Stream The Ambience EP on YouTube below.

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