The End of UPZ Has Come

Avi Elman, more popularly known as UPZ, first broke into the South African dance music scene in 2007 with the release of Pure Surprise — a song which a was Afro, latin and soulful house music. Pure Surprise changed the landscape of the South African house music with its fresh feel and sound; a sound was introduced and it stretched and improved the sound of the time. The man behind the would then go on to have a very successful career where he pushed the envelope of dance music in Africa, exporting his innovative sound to the world for mass consumption and enjoyment.

UPZ was born in Israel and raised in South Africa, which afforded him the opportunity to develop a multi-cultured identity through he formed the basis of his brand — a brand that would occupy a unique space in the international dance music arena. In his career as a DJ, producer and entrepreneur, he has worked with some of biggest artists in dance music in South Africa, names such as Black Coffee, Black Motion, Cueber, DJ Ganyani, Proverb and more.

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After long and storied career, the time to let go of the UPZ brand has come. “I really enjoyed working as UPZ and have been flattered with the great responses and support received. During the past few years, however, I have been feeling personally and professionally challenged, and came to the conclusion that it is time for me to move on to other endeavors and music projects. The UPZ brand may no longer be actively around, but the music will still be there for all to listen to and hopefully enjoy. To those that truly supported and took part, thank you for the incredible journey” he says about why he is moving away from the UPZ moniker.

To celebrate and bid farewell to his 12-year-long career, UPZ releases a compilation of some of his best, biggest and most impactful songs. Released by soWHAT Records, UPZ compiles 22 songs which best reflect his career. What a beautiful farewell! We look forward to seeing what is next for Avi Elman as he will no longer be releasing new music as UPZ and is scheduled to perform his final DJ shows as UPZ this year.

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