The Endless Daze Experience: The bands, the performances & the people

The sun belted down as us anxious early birds waited in a small queue before we got the green light from security, the crowd cheered and the energy changed. This is it, it’s game time. Let’s get Endless Daze started.

After failing badly to work out how my buddy Dan’s tent operated, it was from the 1st World War to be fair (I think), I gave up on the tenting thing and decided it was time to explore and see where everything was.

image of endless daze festival
Photography credit: Daniel De Jager

What a beautiful venue. Lots of space to roam around, the sea close by and the feeling wasn’t too hectic like some festivals. There is just enough people to fully enjoy yourself. This is a place where you can be free & be yourself, 99% of folks are super chilled and here for one thing. It’s all about the music. I headed to the bar and bought a cheeky cold R25 lager. Yes please.

The lineup was so well curated and I couldn’t wait for the first band on the main stage, Cape Town’s fast rising; Them Fads. They certainly didn’t disappoint and kicked ass, gaining many new fans along the way with their blend of bouncy and fresh space garage. Them Fads certainly deserved a later slot as they got the crowd jumping.

The rest of bands on the first night were top quality and you could feel a happy energy amongst the crowd. I would recommend a MC to hype the crowd up, keep them in the area and introduce the bands, however the music in between does work.

image of the endless daze festival crowd
Photography credit: Daniel De Jager

The highlight of the opening evening had to be legendary Durban psychedelic rock band, Black Math. They came, they played and oh yes, they conquered. New friends I made on the second night were still raving about them late into the evening. Nuff said.

After smashing a delicious brekky wrap and walking aimlessly to find somewhere that sold ice cold juice, I revved up for the second day at Endless Daze with an epic shower to wake my soul up. Bring on the music.

image of the endless daze festival
Photography credit: Daniel De Jager

Julia Robert have built up quite a loyal following in Cape Town lately and the crowd anxiously waited for this exciting four-piece to start the main stage at 1PM. They certainly delivered. The whole band was decked out in white clothing which caught the eye. The music caught the ear, the band killed it and the crowd was rocking out. A new fan shouted at me ‘’damn they are goooood’’. Heck yes. A later slot next year is coming surely. Be sure to catch Julia Robert live, if you haven’t already, they are on the rise big time.

Other highlights included Cape Town’s ever – evolving gems; Diamond Thug. A band on the up in South Africa and globally, it was a pleasure to watch Chantel Van T spellbound the crowd with her flawless rhythm; a creative conductor who’s every moment is measured perfectly, her hauntingly beautiful vocals flowing through the whole of Endless Daze, drawing the crowd into the rest of her incredibly talented band. What a treat to watch, they are a must-see.

image of the endless daze festival
Photography credit: Daniel De Jager

The rest of the bands were quality and a big favourite was an act that I hadn’t seen or heard of before; Lesotho shepherd Morena Leraba. His band’s blend of traditional Famo inspired vocals with electronic dance, reggae and hip-hop was mind-blowing and my brain still can’t comprehend how brilliant this act was. I really want to see lead singer Morena, percussionist Mpho Molikeng, bass player Molefi Makananise and Vox Portent live again.

image of endless daze festival
Photography credit: Daniel De Jager

Towards the end of the night, my 37-year-old half-fit tired body failed me, and I listened to the rest of the music in the tent, sun-burnt like a tourist and legs beat, I could hear everything still, the beauty of great sound and staying really close to the main stage.

What a special weekend it was. Big ups to everyone involved in bringing the bands, the whole crew, the sponsors, the acts themselves for giving everything and to the Endless Dazians who attended. Thanks also to Daniel De Jager for joining me on this adventure with Nusoulhub Radio.

Bring on 2019’s version of this world class music festival in Silwerstroom Resort, Cape Town.

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