The king is back: 80 Script sets the tone for 2019 with Pink Floyd, after a long sabbatical

Eswatini’s hip hop artists are working harder, pushing boundaries, getting high profile bookings in the kingdom and neighbouring countries which is a true testament of the growth of the genre. The hip hop genre is a genre relatively new in the kingdom, but over the years it has grown and soared to great heights. The artists have not only relied on bookings but have started hosting their own shows which were well attended and received major media coverage which is evidence of the growth of the genre in the country. Born Zolile Motsa, 80 Script is one of those artists and has always been regarded as one of the best hip hop artists the kingdom of eSwatini has ever seen.

With two solid and remarkable projects under his name, These Are The Basics and You Do The Dishes, one can clearly understand why he is put on a pedestal. One of the few wordsmiths in eSwatini, 80 Script has become a household name through his unique approach in the art of rap and music, drawing experience from life, people and God. “I draw inspiration from everywhere. Life is a play-by-play film and I simply draw from everything going on around me,” he speaks about what inspires his music.

Fresh from performing his hit single Yaya ft Una Rams on SHIZ NIZ, Zolile believes he still has a tremendous role to play in the kingdom’s hip hop fraternity and is motivated by that even more. “Having a dream and wanting to live it out rather than settle for what’s given to us. The drive to make my family and loved ones proud. The drive to make my country proud of one of their own doing it for hip hop anywhere and everywhere in the world,” explaining about what motivates him to work harder even though the local music scene is very volatile. This motivated him to come back from a seven months sabbatical. “I took a break from January – July 2018 because the industry was no longer challenging me and therefore there was no more growth for me and that can be the most difficult thing for anyone. Because I had reached a ceiling in local hip hop in terms of growth, I found myself at a crossroads because it felt like there was nothing adventurous to do anymore,” he explains about the break. ” That led to a mental “funk”. Around August, I found new inspiration and here we are. My music is far more diverse now. I had enough time to work on it during that period because I never stopped making music. Even if I wouldn’t record it, I would still come up with songs and even projects. So my music is at a point where it has more range in terms of style and my writing is far more flexible,” he elaborates.

80 Script’s commitment to the game has made him more relevant even after the time-out and receiving a fair amount of bookings despite not releasing new music in 2018. “In the four years of running, I only ever missed one show , and even that show I arrived for however I didn’t perform due to a misunderstanding with one of the organizers ,” proving his level of commitment. In the latter part of 2018 through a partnership with Simtronic DJ, 80’s hit song ‘Yaya’ was re-launched in South Africa receiving massive airplay on various radio stations like Metro FM, Tshwane FM, 5FM and BMH Radio.

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Consistency is one of the words that clearly describe 80 Script, which is evident in his latest body of work Pink Floyd. An impeccable mixtape, one setting the tone for 2019. “Pink Floyd is a mixtape I decided to work on and craft in 10 days. I wanted to prove I am the Mayweather of Eswatini hip hop and the link stands for good vibes,” he explains about Pink Floyd. “The aim of the project was to thank my fans for supporting me thus far. I also wanted to challenge myself and see if I could come up with a project in 10 days. It ended up taking 14 days and I put it out,” he elaborates. Motivated by his newfound desire to shine again and retain his crown as the best hip hop artist out of eSwatini, Pink Floyd is the right start towards the claiming back the crown.  With features from Ayzee, Trent OmarHarristheniner all came in to perfect this body of work.

Having set the tone for the year, Zolile promises Yaya visuals, cartoon comic, short film, joint projects and more. 2019 promises to be a good year for the talented rapper and eSwatini’s hip hop fraternity.

Stream Pink Floyd below.

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