Vitu drops his debut project – This Time Next Week – and we’re psyched.

nusoulhub radio vitu this time next weekWith an album concept rooted in the idea of escapism, Vitu fearlessly ventures into a world which has a striking balance of familiarity and uncertainty. Escapism as an idea can be broken down into a few concepts, namely, journeying away from any form of distraction or a relief to unpleasant realities. Vitu intelligently weaves his everyday realities, pleasant and unpleasant, with his artistry – which evidently constructs a beautiful picture of his life and in the same breath gives listeners an exclusive view into his life.

Now, we all have to agree that when an artist opens up, searches the depths of their soul and becomes vulnerable, we get something breath-taking that compels us to introspect. A passage way that allows the listener to connect with the artist beyond the music is built– Vitu achieves all of that with his new project. Bravery, authenticity and vulnerability are some of the words that can be used to describe this project. The one thing that strikes the listener is how the project is ordered, every track blends into the next furthering the narrative of being a young, African creative having to deal with real life situations whilst having to tame a wild creative spirit – and the challenges that come about as a result. Genius, if you ask us.

This project should not be disrespected by acts of boxing it in a particular category because the project is so much more than just one category. This Time Next Week vehemently showcases grit, honesty and a rawness that is unrivalled in South Africa right now. We have one request for the potential listeners – listen to this project with intent and find the deeper meanings behind what the project is about. From the intro to 2x Pills, you are taken on a journey. We live in the era where concept-driven albums are dropping less and less, so when they do drop they should be cherished and the artists should be applauded for the creative excellence.


Listen and download the project here:

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