WATCH: Angolan electronic music scene depicted beautifully in Ballantine’s Stay True Luanda short doccie

Electronic dance music is a thriving force in Southern Africa and its impact on the greater dance music culture is unmatched. With house music as the leading variant of electronic dance music in region, Southern Africa has fast become the world’s innovation hub for the global dance music culture. The beat that house music carries is the one common thread that packs enough power to connect people of all races, cultures and backgrounds. When people think of the electronic dance music scene in Southern Africa, it is easy for them to default to South Africa, naming it the sole contributor to the dance music culture in the region, which is not entirely true. Countries like the kingdom of eSwatini, Mozambique and Angola, are known for having brilliant dance music scenes that are budding and are showing potential in driving and pushing the culture forward.

Brands that are savvy and in-sync with culture are slowing tapping into these other scenes in these other Southern African countries. They understand that to expand their reach, impact and their footprint into these markets, they need to align themselves as genuine partners and supporters of these budding scenes. Ballantine’s is one of these brands and they are strategically penetrating countries like Angola for one. Their Stay True property is being introduced into Angola in the form of small and very targeted events. Recently, Ballantine’s curated an event in Luanda, Angola, and they partnered with local Angolan creatives who are active in the dance music culture in the country.

Raees Hassan who is more popularly knowns as Reezo Hassan in the South African dance music scene, captured the moments of Ballantine’s Stay True event and the burgeoning dance music culture of Angola. With the help of Fredy Lourenzo also known as Monotronik, Reezo documented the happenings of the scene, spoke to some local creatives to get more perspective, understanding of the scene and also showcasing its potential. Beautiful, insightful and informative mini documentary which we recommend you check out.

Ballantines Stay True Luanda from Raees Hassan on Vimeo.

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