Watch: Nao Serati & Zoe Modiga merge fashion & performance for their collaborative short film

Johannesburg based designer, Nao Serati, should not be regarded as an emerging creative force in South Africa. His name lives as brand that is changing African menswear fashion, making him a landmark and symbol of excellence in the African creative industry. With a name that carries weight, Nao Serati is breaking down industry boundaries, one door at a time.

A creative that knows is drawn to pushing boundaries, he takes a step into the audio-visual realm of creativity where he merges fashion and performance. He doesn’t do this alone though, he calls on Johannesburg’s very own progressive songbird, Zoe Modiga, who is a force in her own right. Together, they present ‘ME’, a short film that unpacks the beautiful marriage of fashion and performance. The film sees Zoe Modiga take the lead in song and artistic performance, with Nao as the stylist and the creative director, the film is nothing short of amazing.

Watch the film below. 


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