Watch: Teddy Pleasure Never Takes Ls On His Latest Music Video

Alberton based rapper, Teddy Pleasure, has been steady on the rise in the last two years; releasing bangers on SoundCloud and getting love on the internet and the Gauteng streets.

Towards the end of 2018, Teddy pleasure released his ‘Confessions In A Tazz‘ EP, a nine-tracker which allowed Teddy create a buzz for himself in the streets and online. The project features some of his Dipopaai affiliates, Bringo and Trust B1 (who handled most, if not all, the production on the project.

One of the most popular songs on the project is a song titled ‘Never Take A L‘ which features internet sensations and well-respected content creators, Okay Wasabi and Dali Danger, as well as Trust B1. The song is packed with braggadocio which is common in rap music, however they add a comical twist to the song to create another brand of rap music that carries South African truths and language.

Never Take A L has a dope music video which sees the artists perform in their hoods. Watch it below.

Stream the Confessions In A Tazz EP here.

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