We House Sundays X Kid Fonque Presents: Jimpster (UK) Live At Constitutional Hill, Johannesburg

There is something beautiful and interesting in how culture is shaped, moves, is a medium of unity and a driver of ideas that push society forward. What sits at the core of what drives culture and humanity forward is activity and continuous progression-driven movement — shifts in how things are done and in how people think. To bring people together, create platforms and create unique cultures is brave and fascinating.

Connecting the dots, unpacking human truths and insights that give us clues as to who we are as people and making an effort to understand what draws us closer to each other, is what helps build culture. This is what Cape Town based music, events and culture-centered brand, We House Sundays, has managed to achieve over the last four years — building well-thought out, culture-focused and innovative creative properties that connected the Cape Town house music in a way never seen before. The impact that We House Sundays does has afforded the opportunity to enjoy a widespread national reach where its influence is seen far and wide.

Get to know We House Sundays.

Now that they have cemented the We House Sundays brand and created a new lifestyle-orientated culture in the Mother City, they push to venture into the city of gold. They do this through what they know best — events — in partnership with South African dance music pioneer, Kid Fonque, who is a passionate purveyor of South African music culture. Kid Fonque is a custodian of culture who has developed an events property called Kid Fonque presents through which he can showcase local and international talent. The result of their partnership and collective collaboration is the We House Sundays X Kid Fonque Pres. Jimpster (UK) which serves as a massive moment for local dance music culture: Johannesburg meets Cape Town to host one of deep house music’s most revered artists from Essex in the UK presents a rather interesting cultural exchange curated under the banner and love for deep house music.

The venue, the Joe Slovo Courtyard – Constitution Hill, holds a lot of history as it was used by the prisoners during the height of apartheid South Africa to exercise and discuss political matters. The selected venue is perfect as it is serves as a perfect medium for the current leaders of culture and youth to show how much the country has changed, the continued efforts of transformation and the power of dance music culture in uniting people and changing perspective. History is definitely about to be made!

Come have a great time in Jozi as history is made this Sunday.

Peep the lineup!

image of We House Sundays X Kid Fonque Pres. Kid Fonque flyer
Come witness this massive move for the culture this Sunday. Get your tickets at Web Tickets here.

Doors open from 14:00 to 22:30
No under 21s, IDs on request!

Read more about the event here.

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