When Kat La Kat weaves songs together, he brings house heads to joyful tears

Kat La Kat (real name Kgakgamatso Tlholoe) is a Pretoria born DJ/producer who has rose to prominence in the deep and underground house scene in South Africa. Lauded and respected for masterful approach when DJing and producing, he has carved out a lane for himself as a deep house purveyor whose movements in the culture gifted praise and monikers such as the ‘Deep House Gangsta’.

As a producer, he has released a number of culture-shifting bodies of work such as the Strange Signals EP and The Lagoon EP which were released through Swedish Brandy Productions. His collaborative work with fellow Pretorian, Billow Jazz, have also gifted him acclaim from the underground scene.

As a DJ, he boasts an incredible skill of weaving songs together, seamlessly matching track BPMs and curating sonic experiences that allow him to build narratives and journeys off of the strength of music. Now that’s powerful and commendable. His track selections showcase the strength of his ear and his musical genius as there is no other DJ in South Africa that can do what he does; command the attention of a crowd, captivate them and introduce them to new sounds like a DJ should.

After watching him deliver a memorable performance at Deep Town Jozi, I got to witness the power that he carries as an artist. He scans and reads the crowd, and then hooks them with a strong delivery of bangers. With each track played, he pulled more and more people who were sitting in the lounge/chilling area at the venue to the DJ booth section. The Citilec Rooftop in Maboneng was on fire! During his set, I stood next to a dude who was enamored and in awe as Kat La Kat performed; he listened attentively, casually sipping his beer until it got to a point where he caught the vibe and was subsequently consumed by the music. Emotions were plentiful as he grooved to Kat La Kat and was subsequently brought to tears. These tears came from a joyful and appreciative place, and demonstrated the power of music is to me and how crucial the DJ is in society. Amazing moment during an amazing night!

The next time you see Kat La Kat, show him love, give him a hug and give him props for taking South African house music to heights we have never seen before.

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