When pop fuses with soul and R&B, you get Durban-based artist, Campbell Colledge

Durban based singer-songwriter, Campbell Colledge, is a boundary pusher. More famously known for his unique interpretations and covers of popular songs by some of the world’s biggest pop, R&B and soul artists, he has carved out a lane for himself.

When it comes of song writing, the young singer has range, a unique way of speaking on the happenings of life and a talent of capturing experiences that people through in his music. Listening to him, you can hear that he is a natural at what he does, the song writing is genuine, real and relevant, and his singing allows him to add texture, meaning and emotion to his words. Campbell Colledge is a special talent and he is inspired by his creative peers from the West, artists like Khalid, Daniel Caesar and Frank Ocean. He fuses pop, soul and R&B to create a sound that is unique to him and one that he can truly own.

Stream his music on his SoundCloud below.

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