William Florelle brings forth a melange of eclectic sounds in his ‘Two & Three’ EP

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The WotNot collective is known for eclectic, innovative and other-worldly dance soundscapes which have the capability to thrust the listener in a deep musical abyss where the soul is touched and the ears are pleased. The London-based collective has put in a lot of work since its establishment in 2011 and has become a platform where some of the best underground musical talent has come from. One of those talents is none other than, William Florelle, a producer who doubles as a songwriter as well. The music he produces transcends any genre limitation as you are thrown into a medley of different sounds when you listen to his compositions. Will Flo’s productions are a mixture of broken beat, deep house, future soul, jazz and Hip Hop – compositions that are sure to impress music enthusiasts that are hungry for something different.

The UK has always had a booming culture of underground music which has influenced and inspired other regions of the world like Los Angeles, Berlin, Johannesburg and New York. Artists like William Florelle are typically not known and appreciated by many but their innovation somehow indirectly, sometimes directly, finds a way into popular culture. It’s clear that William Florelle still cares about the music and the culture and that could only be the result of the him being entrenched in the rich British culture of music.

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In the beginning of the second quarter of the year, William Florelle released an impressive EP titled ‘Two & Three’. The EP contains some of the most beautiful vocals you are yet to hear which complement Will Flo’s productions. The vocals on the tracks are delivered by Lua, who has an interesting way of communicating the themes of the EP. Her voice carries a certain innocence and warmth that gives each song an atmospheric feel. The project has four original songs as well as three remixes by some of the most forward-thinking and innovative artists from the UK, namely MAD VILLIANS and K15 as well as Stefan Ringer aka REKchampa from the US.

Three words to describe the ‘Two & Three’ EP are: beautiful, dreamy and innovative. Truly a beautiful body of work which needs to be introduced to more ears.

Stream the project below:

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