Womxn of Deep: Soweto-based tastemaker, Iris Sishi, is shining a light on women in the South African House scene

For a long time, women and queer people of colour were never given credit for their contributions to the growth of South African house music scene. From the DJs, to the producers to the fans, representation and visibility has always favoured cis gender men. An unfortunate characteristic of an industry that has taken South African music to great heights and enriched a lot of people. While the industry grows, the people that kept the scene going toiled tirelessly to grow the culture of dance music and many of them were womxn. Many of these womxn had, with the help of the internet and banding together, are forcing their way into the industry and they are making sure that their presence, influence and impact is felt.

Soweto based tastemaker, Iris Nelisiwe Sishi, is one of these womxn. Radical in how she manoeuvres in the industry, she has built a powerful platform that focuses on giving young womxn in the entertainment industry a fair chance to shine. The platform is called Women Of Deep and its sole purpose is to usher in a new era in the South African house scene. Iris understands the power of the internet, especially social media, and how it connects like-minded individuals. She uses Twitter as a go-to platform to flex the strength of her ear. Her threads on twitter are where deep house heads go to find out about new local and international deep house hits. Her work has made her a powerful force and has allowed her to create a lane where womxn can take the lead.

Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

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