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TimeOut Productions: A production trio that has its sights on putting Melbourne on the global music landscape

Art, in all its various forms, moves the world. It has the power to offer its admirers an alternative view of the world as we know it or even the imagined world that is without flaws, pain and tragedy. Art can be ugly and beautiful, but no one can doubt its importance. One of the most fascinating things about art is how it travels around the globe and how it manages to touch people. In the digital age, art can be distributed through different digital mediums and one form of art that can be packaged and consumed in a digital way is-music. With music there is no such thing as a border, there is no such thing as a wall that can separate the people that consume it. Music connects people and we need these connections amidst the times that we are in now as we watch what is happening in America.

In celebrating the power of music and being mind-boggled by its power to transcend borders, we managed to connect with a trio of producers in Melbourne, Australia. The trio is called TimeOut Productions and we connected with them last year when they submitted one of their songs on Nusoulhub Radio. After spinning the submitted track a few times, we were compelled to find out more about the trio. We caught up with the trio in December and interviewed the dynamic trio. Peep our conversation below.

To kick things off, we would like to thank you for giving us your time for the interview. We connected with you guys online, Soundcloud to be specific, the Nusoulhub Radio team may know a little more about you guys. Tell us more about TimeOut Productions, who is the team composed of.

TimeOut Productions: TimeOut Productions is comprised of three producers all from Melbourne, Australia – VictoriousVIC, EarlJam & Late to the Party. We also work very closely with two emcees – Smook Deville (Colorado, USA) and AQ (Melbourne, Australia).

Can you guys recall what the defining moment was that pushed you guys to start TimeOut productions?

TimeOut Productions: The original manifestation of TimeOut Productions was an idea for a website that would feature both hip-hop and basketball related content. The website never really eventuated so Timeout became a YouTube channel. When we started to get more serious about music production it sort of developed into our outlet for music.

What were some of the challenges that you guys faced when you started TimeOut productions?

TimeOut Productions: Being that we have no backing or no team behind us, building up connects from the ground up by ourselves has been a big challenge. The other major challenge is finding ways to actually get your music heard, making the music is the fun part but getting it heard in the currently saturated music scene is very difficult.

Mind letting us in on what is the music scene is like in Melbourne. Australia is known to be a strong producer of quality music and this may be due to the creative scene in the country.

TimeOut Productions: Melbourne is quite well known in Australia for having a strong culture of music. Melbourne is probably on par with Sydney is terms of being the biggest market for music in the country as well. The culture of live music and the diversity in musical styles makes Melbourne very interesting musically, both as artists ourselves and also fans of it as well.

NusoulhubTimeOutProductions.jpgPhoto credit: TimeOut Productions courtesy of Facebook

You guys have a distinct sound. What is your creative process? If one were to be in a TimeOut studio session, what could one expect?

TimeOut Productions: At the fundamental level, our music is based on the use of samples and sampling. It all begins with finding the right samples, ones with strong melodies and arrangement. We then take that sample or multiple samples in one and twist it, re-arrange it and mold them into a full song. Many times the end result can turn out quite different to the original sample, depending on the beat. From there we send our tracks to the artists we work with around the world as well as locally, the final product gets completed from there.

We currently live in age where we overwhelmed by the amount of music being released and due to the increased pace at which music is used we often find a lot of monotony in music. How do you guys stay true to the ideals that made you start creating music and in the same breath progress with the times?

TimeOut Productions: For us, music is all about the melody and the feeling connected to that. We also never seek to gout and consciously copy another style of production. In a sense we just like to create the kind of music that we ourselves enjoy listening to. If it is not something we personally enjoy we probably won’t either release it or complete it in the first place. Copying another sound can definitely take the fun away from the process.

Do you guys live by a particular philosophy or a motto when it comes to creating music?

TimeOut Productions: For the most part our philosophy on making music revolves around creating music that we enjoy, music that is melodic and interesting to listen to. We are not really about trying to be something that we are not, I think we just want to continue to improve our production and create the best music possible.


Who are some of your musical influences?

TimeOut Productions: A lot of our musical influences come from hip-hop and hip-hop producers, producers like 9th Wonder, Just Blaze, Kanye and many more, too many to mention haha. We are also big fans of R&B and Soul music, which is a lot of what we listen to these days, artists like Plan B, Amy Winehouse and Mayer Hawthorne.

Are you guys working on any new music? Can we expect a project from you guys soon?

TimeOut Productions: We have quite a few projects currently in the making, they include a follow up album from Smook Deville & VictoriousVIC, a new EP from AQ & VictoriousVIC, collaboration EP’s from EarlJam and a TimeOut Productions compilation album, so we have quite a lot happening so far in 2017.

What do you guys want to achieve ultimately with your creations? Like, is there a grand destination that you guys are working towards?

TimeOut Productions: I wouldn’t say one goal in particular. Seeing the music reach a high level of popularity and see it succeed is definitely a goal though, not even so much for ourselves, but for the artists we work with, they deserve any success that comes to them. Working with established artists that we are fans of is also a goal, as well as to collaborate with film makers.

How are you guys leveraging the internet’s power to push your music?

TimeOut Productions: We would be nowhere up to this point without it. The Internet has enabled us to link up with artists from across the globe, allowing us to make music with them and also get our music heard on online outlets all around the world. It has definitely been a great tool for us.

Which place is the one place that you guys would love to perform at? What can people expect from a TimeOut production show or your shows as solo acts?

TimeOut Productions: As we are not and don’t have the ambitions to be solo performers a TimeOut productions live show would be more of a showcase. We would provide the backdrops and bring up a series of artists on stage to perform, similar to an act like Mark Ronson. We do however perform live as part of the duo AQ & VictoriousVIC as both DJ’s and hype men.

Where can people find your music online and where can people who will be introduced to you follow you online?

Smook Deville x VictoriousVIC – Matter of Time (album) 2015

AQ & VictoriousVIC – Second Chance (EP) 2016

#TimeOutThursdays (Weekly Series) 2016 – 17


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Follow up on new TimeOut Production updates. 2017 is set to be a great year for the trio from Melbourne, Australia.

















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