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Digital Digger’s Choice: A look at James Tillman’s album Silk Noise Reflex.

If you thought that RnB died or has changed into something that is unpleasant, you might just be mistaken or simply just unaware. Rhythm and blues, as we most us grew to love growing up, is still alive and well. In a popular culture setting, there is a certain type of RnB that is being propagated which is, in many instances, overly vulgar and explicit and does depict the images that we grew up seeing from the genre and the artists that pushed it. Sure, times have changed and we can’t really expect the genre not to respond to the times, be it the faces that represent it and sonically. Fortunately, there are some individuals that sticking to the conventions upon which the genre was founded and in the same breath, innovate accordingly.

James Tillman, an American singer, is bringing an eclectic new sound to RnB and this seen or rather heard in his 2016 album called Silk Noise Reflex. A blend of psychedelia, jazz, RnB, Hip Hop and soul. A sonic journey of different sounds accompanied by the soothing vocals of James Tillman.


The project carries the common themes one would expect in RnB, but what sets the project apart is the songwriting and its delivery, how the album sounds and the general music creates for the listener.

Listen/stream the project below:

Buy the album on Bandcamp

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