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Digital Digger’s Choice: Jazzsoon keeps cassette tape culture alive with his new project

Creatives are a rather odd bunch – characterized by unpredictability, spontaneity and a quirkiness that often details a childlike innocence. What would the world be without creatives? Dull and boring. Dull and boring is what the world would be. Creatives provide a different palette of colors that beautify human existence and we all know how human existence can a roaring beast that brings more pain than peace to the earth.

After a very rigorous and fun session of digging all the internet corners that we dig from, we came across a creative based out in New York called Jazzsoon – a collector of music in the form of vinyl and cassette, a collector of vintage Hip Hop/street fashion and a collector of comic books he grew up reading. It is rather an odd joke that our artist/creative selection for the return of #DigitalDiggersChoice is a die-hard collector of all things analogue and tangible.

Jazzsoon is a typical New Yorker – the accent, the fashion sense, the humor and the personality. A producer who releases mostly jazz-influenced instrumentals which he releases digitally and on cassette. If you haven’t noticed, cassette tape culture is on a surge – a rise that is genuine and owned by the creatives.

“You got to live your life on the weekend, you know what I am saying. Steak and shrimp on the weekends”, a quote that stands out in the video provided above, which goes to display the carefree-nature that Jazzsoon projects. Now take that personality and charisma, and bottle it up into music. Jazzsoon has released three projects through strictlycassette(make this a link), namely Beastie Brown, Taxi and his most recent release ’84 Doctor K. ’84 Doctor K is a musical representation of his love for the New York Mets and on this particular project he pays homage, sonically, to one of the greatest baseball players to ever live – Dwight Gooden aka Doctor K. Music and sports has always had a way to influence each other in popular culture and this project is a perfect example of the influence sports has on music and vice versa.

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Vitu drops his debut project – This Time Next Week – and we’re psyched.

nusoulhub radio vitu this time next weekWith an album concept rooted in the idea of escapism, Vitu fearlessly ventures into a world which has a striking balance of familiarity and uncertainty. Escapism as an idea can be broken down into a few concepts, namely, journeying away from any form of distraction or a relief to unpleasant realities. Vitu intelligently weaves his everyday realities, pleasant and unpleasant, with his artistry – which evidently constructs a beautiful picture of his life and in the same breath gives listeners an exclusive view into his life.

Now, we all have to agree that when an artist opens up, searches the depths of their soul and becomes vulnerable, we get something breath-taking that compels us to introspect. A passage way that allows the listener to connect with the artist beyond the music is built– Vitu achieves all of that with his new project. Bravery, authenticity and vulnerability are some of the words that can be used to describe this project. The one thing that strikes the listener is how the project is ordered, every track blends into the next furthering the narrative of being a young, African creative having to deal with real life situations whilst having to tame a wild creative spirit – and the challenges that come about as a result. Genius, if you ask us.

This project should not be disrespected by acts of boxing it in a particular category because the project is so much more than just one category. This Time Next Week vehemently showcases grit, honesty and a rawness that is unrivalled in South Africa right now. We have one request for the potential listeners – listen to this project with intent and find the deeper meanings behind what the project is about. From the intro to 2x Pills, you are taken on a journey. We live in the era where concept-driven albums are dropping less and less, so when they do drop they should be cherished and the artists should be applauded for the creative excellence.


Listen and download the project here:

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Prepare to go on a sonic journey as Vitu prepares to release his debut project – This Time Next Week

An empowered, focused and strategic musician with a clear vision is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Conventional methods of ‘making it’ or getting your music heard by the masses have been replaced by new means which completely cut out the middle man. Yes, gatekeepers are increasingly losing power and while that is happening, the modern artist is evolving. The modern artist is one that knows balance, discipline and hard work. One that can balance life’s demands outside music and creativity, a 9 to 5 job and the social requirements that a human needs to stay sane with their music – living in a fast-paced world doesn’t make life easier either.

Now, not all artists can handle certain things that come with the added pressure of being creative hence some responsibilities are outsourced to lessen the pressure. Some are forced to do everything by themselves due to circumstance and some choose the DIY route. Vitu is a perfect example of a young artist that can balance working full time whilst creating phenomenal music and this is not to say that he does not have personal struggles but he is one of the few artists that have a tenacious spirit to create despite having other responsibilities. Vitu’s debut project positions him as an exemplification of discipline, a relentless attitude to create no matter what and rebelling against anything that may hold one back in realizing one’s dream.

We were compelled to contact Vitu last year when we heard one his singles from his debut project titled “This Time Next Week” and we were blown away because the sound, the raps and the way the music was packaged was some thing we’ve never heard from South Africa at the time.

Vitu is a perfect example of a young artist that can balance working full time whilst creating phenomenal music.

During our conversation over Skype, Vitu told us that he was hard at work making sure that the project is completed and ready for release in early 2017. He has clearly delivered as he is gearing up to release his project on the 18th of May.

_MG_0094 2

One of the most impressive characteristics that Vitu has is his work ethic – as he also released music as a third of ArcadeMusic last month which created a sizable buzz in South African Hip Hop circles. If his work ethic does not impress you, then his music will definitely eradicate any ill-feelings you may have about him.

This Time Next Week promises to explore the theme of escapism – where Vitu ventures deep within himself to find out how escapism plays out in his life. “I felt this was a topic that needed to be explored because with our current generation there has been a disconnection in young people. We have found ourselves so caught up living in an “Augmented reality” of some sort” says Vitu about escapism.

He continues to say “We are stuck in a place where we constantly seek approval from our peers, social media, and in term has made it harder to connect with people on a deeper level”. It is clear that Vitu had to dig deep during the conception of this project and we are definitely excited to hear what the project offers and how the project is going to be received by the masses.

“I felt this was a topic that needed to be explored because with our current generation there has been a disconnection in young people. We have found ourselves so caught up living in an “Augmented reality” of some sort”

He describes the genre which with This Time Next Week is to be categorized as Ghost Jazz – which is quite interesting as he took an quite an unconventional approach in the manner in which he sampled Jazz and other modern sounds to create this project. “This is the story of how my past experiences have influenced the way I view many aspects of my life now. It’s meant to be honest, vulnerable and most importantly its meant to make you realize that we all have our own vices and deal with issues in our own way, and that’s okay” he says to further explains the concept behind the project.


We are clearly in for a treat on the 18th of May, so you better gear up to have your world shaken and your playlist dominated by what Vitu has to offer to music lovers that have a great affinity to good music.

Listen to one of the singles here: