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PREMIERE: MelV releases an energy packed trap joint sure to burst your speakers

MelV strikes back with another phenomenal release. This time around he delivers a banger of note titled “D.I.Y” which is only 130 seconds long but is packed with energy, a memorable bass and character. MelV showcases grit, hunger and an urge to leave an impression with this stellar release.

The track, D.I.Y, lays reference to self-reliance and self-confidence, characteristics which producers usually lack as they are often introverts who are not interested in the limelight. MelV confidently thrusts himself before the eyes of the masses and opens himself up for critique. He is doing it himself and he dares anyone to stop him from achieving his dreams.

More and more producers are stepping out of the shadows to claim the glory that is often passed on to the rappers – MelV is definitely one of them. The confidence he has in his art is seen in how he has embarked on a brave campaign where he release music every Friday.

Stream the D.I.Y below:

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