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MotherLand-X brings the heat with 6 remixes of Garden by Family Tree Records artist Tshego

Motherland-X is global music movement connecting Swaziland, the States and more recently South Africa. MLX is known for making ground-breaking music, hosting parties and creating a healthy space for creatives to grow and flourish.

MLX has extended their footprint in the American and Southern African electronic markets and they have successfully managed to penetrate the South African market with their breath-taking remixes of popular tracks that are making waves in South Africa. The first round of interesting takes on popular tracks in South Africa that we came across were the remixes Una Rams’ Nobody which were out of this world.

The MLX team has struck again with 6 remixes of Garden – a chart-topping hit – by Family Tree Records’ artist, Tshego. This round of remixes features South African acts like MelV & KaeB, Slotta-es, Rendition and Vuma who happen to be the founding members of MLX. It’s a cross-border affair.

Stream the remixes here:

Here’s the original track:

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