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Introducing STAVE: A Joburg-based producer serving ambient beats to get lost to

Electronic music in South Africa has grown, with the various sub-genres of electronic music now coming to the fore as more and more producers share their work on the internet in hopes to build their respective scenes. From electronica to dubstep to drum & bass and many more sub-genres, electronic music is adding to the narrative of South African music. For many years, House music has been the preferred sub-genre of electronic music in South Africa, but that is slowly changing.

The internet serves as a breeding ground for talent that can draw and connect with music lovers well beyond South African borders. Thabang Ramodipa, who goes by the name of STAVE is one of the talents that have sprung up on our radar. With a unique style of ambient, spacey beats, one can tell that STAVE has a solid foundation in music production. Pair an innate talent of making music with formal sound engineering training and the result is STAVE, an artist that has had a hand in some of the most impressive South African bands like the Zuko Collective. Many of STAVE’s previous efforts within the South African music industry have been the behind the scenes, but now he embarks on a journey where he offers up his art to be enjoyed by the masses.

Ungravity, the title of his first release is a great introduction to his style and for a first release, the single is top quality. When describing the song, STAVE’s team says “Ungravity presents a melancholic journey through time and self-discovery”. The song offers the listener an opportunity to revel in the perfectly composed soundscapes which detail STAVE’s emotions on his journey of self-discovery.

Stream Ungravity below:

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